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I have a great idea for a new product so I spent several hours modeling them up in CAD.    Not quite sure of the fit and scale of the parts so I had SLA's or maker parts printed up to evaluate the concept.  While I was waiting for the parts I thought, you know,  I should adjust a few things on the models while I wait,  I'm sure they need a little tweaking now that I've thought a bit more about them.  I receive the parts and they fit together reasonably enough  They should be even better given the tweaks I made.   I should order up a real prototype of the parts and see how it functions.    I wait a week or two to receive the real parts.  They're expensive but man do they look great.  I show the project and marketing leads and they're really impressed.   "How soon can we get it into production?", they ask.  I need to test the concept first.   They approve the expense of making more prototypes and testing.   Several weeks later,  I realize that a few modifications need to be made to address some test failures.   More modeling, another printed part and then off to the model shop for more prototypes to test.   Testing looks good. Good enough for our market!  Let's finish off the drawings and kickoff the tooling.