About me

My name is Perry Sellers. I started IDS in 2016.



I spent the last 25 years innovating by being curious about products, processes, systems and the data that defines them.  With a career that focused on the development of products from automotive to furniture to medical equipment I have looked for opportunities to understand the underlying data behind the structures,  dimensions, materials, processing,  sales channel,  portfolio mix,  profitability, supply chain and deployment.

I realized that the mechanical engineering skills that I had were lacking when it came to the business side of development.   In 2016 I stepped outside the world of development and pursued a Master's in the latest technologies surrounding: AI, machine learning, natural language processing, forecasting, social media analysis, deep learning and distributed computing necessary to support these forms of big data analysis and problem solving.


Now with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Analytics I have found many of the necessary tools and algorithms necessary for problem solving in business, marketing, sales AND the technical side of the world.

Innovative Dimensional Solutions provides analysis and data driven thinking/solutions for businesses developing products as well as finance, marketing, sales, supply chain development and operations.   


Ready to make the best decisions with your data?